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Thanks for the replies. I'll contact Shelter tomorrow, although I think I know what they will say ("you're stuffed, go begging to the council"). Yes, there's lots of information on the Shelter site, but it basically just says if you get a section 21 you can't really fight it and it's only a matter o...
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:50 pm
You can only try , Brian.

I will assume that you have been in contact with Shelter since your last posting ?
No, just felt too proud to ask for help. Getting to the point where I have to though.
After a really stressful time, I thought I'd found a suitable property, but after two weeks of messing us around the owners have decided they want to sell the house instead of rent it out. I've now got about three and a half weeks to find somewhere. Do you think my current landlord would have the de...
Rent controls are hopeless, they just distort the market. in the end, we all have to live where we can afford to live - ie, not in London! re the like's of Amber Rudd's daughter (agree not on this planet if that is what she said) are the scum that occupy council houses/flats even though they are on...
Thanks. Yeah, I can't see this government introducing rent controls: they all look too smug to even know what renting is like. Amber Rudd's daughter even complained about having to live rent free in a £3m apartment in West London. What planet are they on?
Winkling ? Regretably , yes ... Dear Peter does come into the equation but ... take away the Profumo connection ... merely the pubic face of a very large " Under the counter " industry. Rent Act 1957 ... almost my choice for a specialist subject on Mastermind ...the real starting gun ... the new na...
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:39 pm
Check your rights with the local Housing Officer. When my neighbour was in a similar situation, they sold the house with a sitting tenant.
Did the sitting tenant just stay after his assured shorthold tenancy ran out? I didn't think I really had any rights when it ran out.
They even charge for a reference? My God, they really do take the mick these days. My landlord isn't a professional one, he inherited the house and the other beneficiaries are pressuring him to sell. I don't really feel bad towards him, he has to do what he has to do, but it has put me in a very bad...
Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I've been really busy since just after I made the post as my mum went down with a bad stomach bug which was a bit of a nightmare scenario on top of her other problems. Trying to look for somewhere to move to with that lot going on has been very stressful. O...
Thanks for the reply.

No, I'm going to register today. Not sure they will be able to help. Will check out Shelter though.