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I suppose I regard myself lucky compared to many. My Husband had an Hypoxic brain injury but he is mobile and there is potential for improvement. I have put my all in to continuing his rehabilitation at home and get great joy from his improvements but it has come at the cost of taking over my life. ...
Depressing isn't it? He was promised continuing OT on discharge from hospital. Three months later no news so I rang the ward to see what HD happened. The referral was never made bt they sorted that out. quickly. Most of the time you cope with this caring lark but sometimes you just feel you are on y...
We have had a telephone assessment from social services but when I rang to see when someone is coming they said about six months.
How are we expected to cope with no break is beyond me.
Just want a bit of time to myself.
Don't think it will ever happen.
Are you Diabetic?
My husband had terrible ulcers t the time of his brain injury but three and a half months in rehab and they were cured.
This was due to careful diet.leg rest and regular dressing changes.
Good luck with finding the right pain killer x
When I get down I talk to anybody who will listen.
I. find it helps. It can be neighbors or anybody who answers the phone.
Take care.
Hi everybody Well my latest battle is getting my husband to make notes to prevent my having to answer the same question time after time. Have also discovered that if I say to him can you really not remember that he has a think and sometimes can remember. Anyway christmas is on us and the tree is up ...
Been thinking about you and hope you come back on.
Big hugs x
Morning everyone Thanks for your replys. I am waiting for this assessment now and applied for the pip but trying to explain how it affects my husband's daily life is so hard even following the guide on citizens advice website. Yes my husband has accompanied me to Dentist. Dr and eye appointments but...
No he was discharged fairy quickly. Mobility is not too much of an issue thankfully. So nothing to sort out with that. He was supposed to be getting more occupational therapy at home to help with orientation but not heard anything yet. I have phoned the carers hub and a lady came to see me and she t...
Hi Wendy
Please go to your nearest citizens advice office ASAP.
I have found them to be very helpful.
They will guide you re finances.