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What a positive thread.

I love dogs. My two have been a Godsend. My Mother became extremely fond of them when we all moved in with her which was lovely.


Thank you Bb. I feel kind of lonely for her.

Luckily her best friend is visiting tomorrow.

Hope I get better in time to see her again.
Thank you so much everyone.

My mothers best friend saw her yesterday. My son and I visited saturday, he isnt well now though.

My brother is disabled and housebound so is sadly unable to visit.

Oh Mother I hate to think of you all alone in hospital ...
Thanks Jenny. I have fku so wont be able to visit Mother u til it has gone.

My brother wouldnt force the sale and is not pressuring me at allbut it all has to be done at some point.

Will try to live in the now.
I am no longer a carer. I fee iill and deeply sad. Having longed for my freedom I also feel guilty. Mother is in hospital and wont be coming home. I try to see her most days. I am truely exhausted. Having a meeting with the doctors next week. Soon I will have no income ... Scarey. I will have to mov...
Thank you Sally. It is very emotionally hard.

Having my sone here is an abso!ute Godsend.
Mother more sleepy today. Ate well (for her) and talked a bit. Dr said they would be talking about palliative care and that they would like a meeting with me and any other family members next week. Poor dear old mother. She will never go home. I left early today. Just too tired to stay. I will see h...
Bb, Jenny and Honey Badger (superb user name btw) thank you all so much. I was in grief stricken melt down mode when I posted this. Today was just amazing. I spent all day sitting with my mother holding her hand and telling her how very much I love her. We (mainly me) talked about the family, her pa...
Thank you mrs A and Henrietta.

It is so painful.

Looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. Hope she knows how much I love her.

Thanks again for your kind words.
Mother is now at the end stage of life. The hospital rang today to say that she was very ill indeed. I will be visiting each day but I sososososo wish that she could be at home. She is too unwell to transfer apparantly. Last friday when they took her in I was there but CHOSE not to go with her to a ...