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Helpful thread. I am starting lots of little jobs and the house is chaotic. Hoover broken as well!!

Mother died just under 2 weeks ago.

Hope things are ok for you ...
Jenny, so sorry for your loss. Not visited tbis part of the forum until my Mothers recent death.

You have given such wonderfully heart felt and down to earth advice to myself and others. Glad you are going to still be posting.

Best wishes. Jaqui x
Thank you susie q and robert.. I have been crying most of the day today. Vicer coming over tomorrow to discuss the service. It really is the little things like feeding the birds and telling her about it and just those silly jokes and laughing at something on the telly ... I find it ery hard to motiv...
Joan I hope that having time for yourself comes as a welcome breath of fresh air.

Hopefully your mum will adjust and you can enjoy visits without thenpressure of being a carer.

I wish you all the best.
Thank you rosemary and melly. Still missing her a lot. Early days.
Thank you Henrietta, Bowlingbun, pet, nicholas and Mrs Average. I am so greatful to have had these last two years caring for Mother. Amble that poem is lovely. Many thanks.
Spent today with her best friend reminicing and laughing. So glad that my son is still here. Have been randomly crying. I loved my Mother and will really miss her. I am so glad that her last few days in hospital were comfortable and glad that she and her best friend had some long and lucid conversat...
Dont worry Melly I am resting away and being easy on myself.

Thanks Jenny. I just need to be patient ...

Her friend saw her again today. She talks about dying and is not afraid but just feels too tired to carry on x
Sending my best wishes. My mother is in hospital being made comfortable for whatever time she has left. I have flu so unable to visit atm.

I hope you manage to have a good nights sleep and that your mother is able to pull through.
Goodness. Long corridors and a knee replacement. Not a happy combo. Mothers best friend said that she was really settled and they had the first proper conversaions since she was admitted. So good to hear. I spoke to her briefly. It was lovely to hear her voice albeit on the phone. Son and I both hav...