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Food for free by richard mabey, great book.
Brilliant. Thank you Chris. You are a great resource!
Do I need to contact the dwp to say that Mother has died or will the tell us once form sort it?

I have a social life now but oh how I miss her.
The neediness that comes with old age seems to come with built in selfishness.

Well done for standing firm. Just need your uncle to get brave now!
Goodness me how stressful and upsetting. Glad someone is seeing her on your behalf.

I really hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible.
So sorry for your loss. I am glad he managed to live to such a good age but I know just how heart breaking it is to lose a parent.

I hope the funeral, etc goes well. I found the funeral and wake very comforting when my mother died recently.
Funeral is on tuesday. My son and I went shopping for posh black outfits today.

I wrote a eulogy for my mum and hope to read it on the day.

We have done lots of tidying. Life feels managable today.
Very true about not rushing. Got to work out to finance everything now. Mabe rent out a room if I do stay on. Its all ifs atm ...

Great how you suddenly lose your income at this delicate time!

Enjoyed the snow today and had a cuppa with a friendly neighbour.
The hospital bed, etc was due to go this morning but they never turned up! Will reschedule. My aunt (Mothers sister) is coming for the funeral so I would LOVE the house to be tidy by the end of the weekend ... We will see.
Thank you Jenny. I cancelled the house clearence people. I was rushing myself too much. Have been slowly going through her things and been wearing some of her clothes (aw). Got to chose funeral music today. Feel utterly exhausted but ok. A bit worried about the future. Do I stay round here or move b...