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I have tried an online thing to see if I can get esa. Had to do a verification thing but it didnt complete. No idea why. Will try again tomorrow.

I am not too optomistic given that I am currently unable to leave the house due to extreme anxiety.

Will see if my gp can help.
Thanks Karen. I will google it and see if I am eligable.
Sorry. Not been on for ages. Still anxious/fearful. Still unable to leave the house. Gp has referred me for italk councelling. A phone call once every two weeks. Money is getting low. Got a friend who may be able to lend me some. Are there any benefits that I can claim in the meantime? I am unable t...
Got awful anxiety. Cant even leave the house and no income. Probate is taking ages and I am worried about money!

Still miss Mother, naturally but this waking up shaking with fear and feeling afraid most of the time is a whole new level. I am not elibable for any benefits ... Rather scarey.
So sad. I really really miss her. I know time is a great healer but ...

She was so sweet and amusing. I have a lot of pictures that she painted up on the walls, she would be amazed!
The family solicitors are handling probate for my Mother's estate. I am just too sad, stressed and overwhelmed to do any of it.
When my Mother was alive I was her live in carer and had carers allowance. Eventually she had to have two carers 4 times a day and my carers allowance carried on.
Had a holiday. Looked at some houses for sale. Cried a lot.

I miss being a daughter ...
I moved in with my mother so that she could come home (from hospital, due to having a fall at home). She was fine for a while but slowly became less mobile and had to have 2 carers four times a day. She was self funding but would have soon been on the state as her savings were running low. She died ...
!!!!! How utterly infuriating.