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there is a hysterical set of reviews for sugar free gummie bears out there somewhere,
not for the squeamish though !!
I suggest contacting Social services and asking for a care assessment they will have information on what care services exist in your area. Also ask for an attendance allowance form (if you have not already done so) it can help towards the cost of providing respite care and is not means tested.
congratulations jimbo & jan

I've only got 24 years to go to match you !
The care worker comes in from 10-4 one day during the week and from 11-5 one Saturday a month.
<t>Hi Shelly, welcome to the forum<br/> I care for my mum who was diagnosed with a mixture of vascular dementia and Alzheimer's in 2012. Like many on this forum I've experienced loneliness and isolation too. The first 6 months were the most stressful, but in the end I swallowed my pride, contacted s...
<t>Hi Dawn<br/> <br/> Pleased to hear that your Mum is receiving some help in rehab and hopefully her care package with make things easier when she comes home. May I suggest that to take some time to think about your needs too <br/> <br/> I found myself in a similar situation as your self a few year...
Happy Easter


welcome back everyone
<t>Dementia can affect people in so many way's it can be difficult to get a definitive diagnosis. Three years ago my mum started to become increasingly anxious,we thought it was just stress from moving back to the UK after five years in the USA. As an ex nurse she was convinced she was seriously ill...
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