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Plus remind his girlfriend that she would have to be there for him every day 365 days of the year! No days off, no Bank holidays off, no weekends off.
If your uncle finds out you're taking photos of his belongings and showing them to people in authority then he may feel betrayed and not trust you anymore. I think a better approach is to continue being very kind towards him and visiting him whenever you can. Let him know in advance when you're comi...
Hi Wendy, I assume that you are away from home for much of the time and your father is alone. Perhaps your father feels very lonely by himself and is pleased to have the company of the 'cleaner/friend.'
I think when one sister is the full time carer of mum or dad then the siblings are often UNAWARE of the sacrifices made by the full time carer and UNAWARE of all the responsibilities and stress that go with the caring role. To be honest before I became a full time carer I had no idea of the commitme...
Hello Rhonda, I've just read your post. You have been a very kind and caring daughter to both of your parents. You have put them first again and again. You should feel very proud of all that you've done. I find your sister in laws attitude incredibly sad but not at all unusual. It does annoy me how ...
Hello Joy, you say 'his feet feel icy cold even when the house is warm'. This sounds like he has very poor circulation. Ring the District nurse or GP to get some advice. This could possibly be to do with his medication.
I recently had Covid symptons (but was not tested) and my elderly mum also got similar symptoms. Fortunately we both only had mild symptoms and have recovered now. Did not contact GP.
My mum has said that she would have been very distressed if I had self isolated for 14 days.
Yes I agree with bb. The best solution to this problem is to get outside carers and a cleaner to help.
This situation could continue for another 20+ years.
What is causing the low oxygen levels in her blood and is she receiving treatment for her condition?
Where is he getting the alcohol from? I assume he is buying it himself.? If he is buying the alcohol from a nearby local shop then try talking to the manager of the shop and tell him/ her the situation .