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Hello Anivad, I sympathise with you. My son is 27 years old and has mild Aspergers. He has never been able to hold down any job. He does claim ESA. He is taking anti depressants and anti anxiety pills. Does your son have any friends or family? My son has a few friends but hasn't seen them for months...
Hello Jo, welcome to the forum. Your mum is well enough to drive and go out socialising so she is well enough to tidy up. But she doesn't want to tidy/clean ON HER OWN.So instead of cleaning and tidying up for her encourage her to tidy up together (eg for 30 mins or so at a time). That way she is mo...
I had the AstraZeneca vaccine in early March and suffered terrible side effects. To those of you who had side effects after the 1st vaccine - did you also get side effects from the 2nd dose?
Hello Claire and welcome to the forum, Sadly your MIL and FIL are not going to get better - they will just deteriorate further as they age. It's ireally important that you put your son and yourselves first. Your inlaws have reached a very good age so don't let them put you you and your partner under...
Hello Melina,
If you haven't already done so have a look on the internet. Type out 'Self harm' , there is a lot of info and some advice and contact numbers.
You can get through this.
Hello Ted,
Have you tried sincerely apologising to your brother for physically hurting him?
Hi Joseph, I can understand why you feel depressed. It sounds like you've been giving too much time to your nan and not enough time to yourself. It's very important that you have time to do things that you enjoy doing, so that you have something to look forward to. You need to strike a balance betwe...
Hi Janet, I'm very pleased to hear that your mother is recovering well. That is good news.
And well done to you for all what you've done.
Best wishes,
I would just like to add that it is actually beneficial for elderly people to do tasks for themselves rather than sit back and let others do things for them! It gets them moving around, boosts their self esteem and helps to keep their brains sharp!
Hi Janet, I'm pleased that your mum's op was successful. It sounds like your brother has a lot to cope with - running a farm and caring for your 92 year old mum full time. Your brother needs your help and support. It can be very difficult knowing where to start on repairs after years of neglect. Tal...