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Hello. I am recently bereaved. Partner of 27 years died 2 weeks ago. Funeral on Monday. I feel out of control and angry. Feeling helpsess. Trying to be strong. Eira there may be some useful and practical help through posts in the condolences section. This is a terrible time for you - do you have he...
Simon_1501 wrote:I'm going to make a list for them
Is this because I'm not doing a good job for us both?
I would make sure it is the stuff you find more irritating - such as checking repeat meds. Can you use that time to go out and have some 'you' time?
I have messaged Mark on fb to tell him I recommended him as someone who might be able to help and he is ok with it so good luck
Have you ever talked with Mark Neary? He is one of the people on the Human Rights Act adverts and his son was also under a DOLs. He successfully took his council to court and has Stephen back at home with an army of carers. He is on twitter and fb. There is no-one more expert in this field.
Not obvious to me how to email the carers UK helpline - am I being particularly dim?
The letter comes from the 'Adults & Older People's services' section of the council. It says 'As the employer you will need to pay a contribution from your Direct Payment budget towards your qualifying employee's pension' I think I will have to ring them tomorrow - feel horrified that the pittance m...
I access carers for my mother from two sources - one Bluebird Care carer and 2 from South Thames Carers managed by the Greenwich Carers' Centre. The Direct Payments Budget is held by the council who remunerate these via the Carer's Centre. I have had a letter from the council asking that as an emplo...
Have you had a carers' assessment Sheila? Perhaps your needs could be considered then and a small budget for some respite could make this situation a bit easier for you both?
Sheila I have noticed many people echoing your feelings on the forum. I certainly feel trapped and I don't like the resentfulness I have towards my mother. Sadly we miss the lives we had and grieve for the life we would like to be living. And it all seems worse in the winter. Is there anyone else wh...
Kimi does love his grandma and I think he is sometimes quite concerned about her. Like all pastoral breeds he wants his flock contained and happy! :D