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bowlingbun wrote:Be sure to send it Special Delivery so you know it arrived before Christmas - it's guaranteed next day.
send a copy to your mp too!
As a pensioner caring for a much older pensioner (mum is 93) I am horrified and terrified.
I have a very good one who I know does Skype. I don't know if she has vacancies but if you pm me I will send her details
Dog walking, cinema matinees and nail bar manicures work for me. A friend bought a book of coffee shops in London and is working her way through them.... although I think she has revisited a few of the better ones rather than risk an unknown.
Perhaps I shouldn't say this to you, but a while back there was a discussion on this forum about a government initiative (or at least, a statement of desire on their part!) to recruit former family carers, like you, to 'swap across' to caring for other people's elderly parents.....to solve that dev...
Sorry - seem to have missed the time of this treatment. How did she cope and is the other eye compromised too?
Hello Angela, as a carer my situation could not be more different as I have my 93 year old mother in my care. General care advice about looking after yourself etc and links to specific support groups above all look fantastic. However as someone who has worked in education all my life I would also sa...
When my dad was in St Christopher's 3 years ago, there were patients there for respite, so some do it.
I have (showing my age here!) watched every Doctor since the first one soi I have learned to overcome the regeneration shock and awe! This Doctor definitely grew on me and the last story line was amazing! Looking forward to the Christmas special. :D