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My mum is being assessed for her dementia at present so when this article popped into my inbox I read it.
http://www.upworthy.com/how-subtle-clev ... tia?c=upw1
Has anyone done anything like this for their carees?
You deserve a medal. That would be my worst case scenario and I'm afraid if mum gets like that I will be sending for an ambulance.
Pritti Patel :(
I would love to see a case like this on Judge Rinder :twisted:
All the careworkers that we use leave a distinctive perfume smell in the house that lingers for days. In fact I sometimes come in to feel my house does not smell like my home. I have had to wash cushion covers etc to reduce it at times so I would expect local caseworkers would not have any understan...
Jenny, I understand your point of view. I don't agree, but I do understand. The fact is, no-one, however young or old, has had their life, until that life expires. Everyone is entitled to life, however long or short. Some may be graced with longevity, others may not. That is not for us to judge, bu...
If you want to rinse in cold water before washing, that can still be done in the washing machine, so much easier than doing it by hand. I used Dettol anti bac liquid when doing mum's soiled washing, it left a pleasant smell. She had continual UTI's which I didn't want passed on to me! Just be aware...
What a lovely place to walk your dog Scally! My poor boys (both shelties) pound the pavements here in London. The parks / playing fields have lots of badly untrained staffies with their untrained owners poor little things (the dogs not the owners). As Beau is disabled (deaf and visually impaired) an...
Well done for taking tat first step - time to contact social services?
Good for you! After 6 years of first mum & dad then mum I can quite see why you have been driven to forcing their hands. Go on - book that holiday!