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George I think the actual phrase was "provide support " or something similar. This is very different to saying up you are incapable of looking after yourself. I provide support for my adult son who I know is capable of living independently , but part of that support includes letting him live here re...
Definitely take away the keys, all sets! Don't tell him, kind lies are needed now. Say they are lost or that th car needs to go the garage Don't even think of battling or arguing with someone with dementia! He won't see any sense or even remember. Learn to be non committal and tell lies if it keep h...
Hi Louise This is actually a forum for unpaid family and friend carers, but we have had this question before. It is probably detailed in your employment contract with your employer what you can and can't do regarding clients after you leave. Most contracts have a clause where you are told not to con...
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Dementia and how to change your house to make life easier - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49184915

What do we think?
You could perhaps try repurposing a small veg or fruit container. I'm thinking of those that have small portions of grapes or melon in 'meal deals'. You could make extra holes with a hole punch
Or coleslaw. I'm sure there's something lurking in a supermarket aisle somewhere
A Home is a council's last resort as it is the most expensive option. They start at 2 or 3 daily calls to her home for personal care and food. They won't be thinking that for along time yet
I think it would count as a DRE disability related expense
It would probably save many hours of solicitors fees too
Not fast enough responding to Ombudsmen requests. Imagine how much slower they are for mere mortals
http://www.lag.org.uk/shop/book-title/201259/court-of-protection-handbook--a-user-s-guide Invaluable to anyone caught up in Court of Protection, whether as to finances, liberty or capacity issues. This weighty tome costs £70 . Maybe Carers UK will buy a copy for reference, or maybe your local libra...
Claire You may find it useful to read through the Ombudsmens findings on DfGs. Cases go to the Ombudsmen after complaints to the local council have failed. I find previous cases give a good insight of how system is supposed to work https://www.lgo.org.uk/decisions/adult-care-services/disabled-facili...