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Been trying to find the full report on the Oxfordshire Mums case but seems Ombudsman site is reorganizing :( :( :angry: The reference number is 17 018 339 should anyone else have more luck or could try again in few days All I can see so far is the summary which mentions "an exceptional circumstances...
Oh, and if she moves away and it doesn't work out be careful that she doesn't then try to move back and in with you!!!
Is there any way she can move but retain her a property foothold near by perhaps?
Hi Alex The forum is a good, safe place for getting 'things out' so I hope its helped you. You sound remarkably well adjusted after such an upbringing, and how you explain things to your children is so thoughtful and mentally healthy . You are doing a brilliant job in difficult circumstances. The on...
Hi Karen The fact that this forum has grown so big is merely indicative of the scale of the problems carers face, sadly :cry: You may it useful to learn the use of the Quick links, at the top left of the forum shown by the 3 little 'menu bars' 'Your posts' then take you to your posts and any replies...
Not at all. The 2 are not mutually exclusive. There are situations where 2 people can be each other's carer. The basic definition of someone needing carer is where they cannot do certain everyday things for themselves and wouldn't live ok without the input of a carer. I see support as being given to...
Didn't think that for a second! Carers find their way here when they really need help or support.
You'll find it an understanding and supportive forum
Hi Karin and welcome

There are plenty of people on here whose parents would vie for "The most difficult" title :D
What's your Dad's particular take on it?
Please tell us more

The way you handled this is brilliant, acknowledging the feelings and emotions but then getting on.
So proud of you.
Am sure you have no idea how much you have grown thorough this journey
Conor It is a sad situation, but it is not of your making. Keep telling him to get help. Keep repeating the Smaritians number 116 123 to him. One day he will call it. You have to stay strong for you. Its so sad so many with mental health problems try putting it all on those around them. It's often h...
Conor You should get him to call the Samaritans https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/ Although as a good friend you are trying your best, he needs the professionals. It's common, but not fair, that he tries to put blame or guilt on you. Wear the forums invisible Teflon coat a...