Rosemary I think you are within rights to withhold payments until this issue is sorted out. That doesn't mean sacking the company, just putting things in place to get Mum the help she needs and is paying for. It is important to have a copy of the contract in case that 30 minutes included , say, 10 m...
Hi Marianne It's an absolute scandal that young people with mental health issues are shipped hundreds of miles across country . I also believe it's abysmal how there is no support, and little involvement of the parents. I have relative with Aspergers who has been moved and hospitalised several times...
Hi John
Do I gather that Dad is in sheltered housing? Is he self funding for care or are Social services paying? I ask because it makes as difference what may happen next.
It's good Dad told the care people then the on site people, many oldies "don't want to be a bother" so well done Dad

It was my then 80 year old FIL who broke his hip falling over a step while turning to watch a pretty young lady walk by :lol: :roll:
Albert, none of these are any problem at all with a CONSENTING woman!!! So just ask first and with your charm I'm sure she'll consent ;)
When I come back, I am definitely coming back as a cat :D
Google tells me its just an advisor appointment but by phone :-??? probably means they charge double for it cos it's got a fancy name When other searches fail I resort to mumsnet, but for some reason to do with my clock :silly: :silly: it won't let me connect. You could perhaps look there yourself m...
Hi Jo
Although I have a relative with aspergers I've never heard of a flex intervention interview, sorry!
Welcome anyway :D
Hi Theresa and welcome.
It would be useful to know how old (or young!) hubby us, and roughly where you are to see if anyone else is local to you.
Hi Tired That is very interesting. I am more supportive if it has beneficial effects in long term or ternlminal conditions, but am still sceptical of what it does to vulnerable or young brains where it seems to exacerbate or cause deterioration in underlying mental health issues. So pleased it helps...