Diane Do I understand the above right, that YOU were phoning around trying to get a care package in place? You are so thoroughly overstressed at the moment that you forgot to do NOTHING for her, and that should have included not phoning around for a care package. If Mum says she can do it for hersel...
Diane Try your local domestic violence unit/charity. They're not there just for partner abuse. They may well have advice and options for you, even if it's just somewhere to stay temporarily . Mum being home alone will not take the meds and will soon be back to where she was and hospitalised again (f...
Or a spare hand set to take out to garden with her
Or simple mobile phone?
Depending on proximity to neighbours, would an extra loud phone help?
https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=extra ... e&ie=UTF-8
Hi Diane Has there been any diagnosis? Has she been on an ordinary ward or on specialist mental health ward? Antipsychotics are pretty powerful drugs that need very careful monitoring and management. Ask the discharge people who will be administering them to her as you won't. We are with you Xx MrsA
:D :D :D
Many a parent has asked the same about their newborns or toddlers too methinks.
Are earplugs on your Xmas pressie list?

Hi Sue and welcome
I can understanding hubby having eating problems, but how does that stop son and you? Eating regular meals round a table is one of the best ways to support and monitor a teenager

P.S. I don't believe "they" would be that clever or forward thinking. Never seen any evidence of any of that in anything "they" have done so far!
Hello nhshater I know those 4 am low thoughts only too well. It's ironic that they seem to hit then when one deserves an uninterupted nights sleep. :roll: I realise ranting on this forum is a good release, and it is one of the reasons we are here, but I know in myself when the lowness gets to danger...
Me too. I've reported itt o administrator