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Piers Morgan only seems interested in attacking and blaming the cabinet ministers and his interview technique is raw ego. Much more serious in my opinion are the actions of the various trusts in dumping patients with C-19 back into care homes ill equipped to look after them. Spreading the virus int...
Just had a lengthy phonecall from the Manager who discussed this on a video conference with their Head Office. They say “No”. I am really disappointed as I cannot see how if a member of staff wheeled my Mum outside into the sunshine and I sat at the appropriate distance from her that could possibly ...
I missed this but will see if I can find it on catchup. I can’t bear Piers Morgan. he is rude and overbearing and doesn’t allow guests or his co-presenters to get a word in.
Melly1 wrote:
Wed May 13, 2020 10:57 pm
Hope they say yes, Penny, either now or after the 12 week period is up.

Thanks Melly. Waiting for them to email back.
hello David. You are lucky that someone told you about DLA. i saw nurses, doctors, consultants, special school teachers, school governors etc over the years and not one person ever suggested my daughter was entitled to it. We never got a penny from anywhere until another Mum told me about it when sh...
Knocked back again! We had an email from the council to say that even though my daughter is classed as priority things have changed from 23 March due to the Coronavirus. Homeless people, street sleepers, sheltered housing people and women from refuges will all be given more priority than her now! It...
My Mum has Alzheimers and is in a care home. Like everybody else we have not been allowed to visit since lockdown. It is heartbreaking because although the staff are marvellous and arrange Facetime for us, she cries her eyes out pretty much every time. Since it was announced that two people from dif...
thank you so much Suziq! Xxx

The first photo is a crochet throw I made for my friend last summer.
The second is a wreath I made for my Mum to hang on the wall of her care home room. She loves it.

Now I need to learn how to add text to the right photo! Thanks again.