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Ayjay wrote:
Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:02 pm
Penny wrote:
Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:53 am

there is nothing under my post at all that I can see. I am on my Ipad, does that make a difference?
It won't be under the post, it's below the reply box before you've posted.
It says Previous Topic below the Reply Box ???
Thanks for the links, Jane. Penny, Click on ‘upload attachment’ underneath your post and the 'save draft', 'review' and 'submit buttons'. Click on 'add files' it’s a red button, double click on the image saved on your computer. Type a comment if you want to in the 'file comment ' box. Click on 'pla...
we have a 3 yr old frenchie would putting castor oil and washing up liquid down for cat issue cause a problem with the dog just woundering about rocco being sick and lots of poop Not sure Dean. I can’t see that he would want to eat anything with that smell on it. The idea is that the smell puts cat...
I knit and crochet all the time. Currently knitting socks but recently finished a huge throw for a friend.

If somebody tells me how to add photos I will do so. Can’t be good at everything! 😂😂
We once had this problem and after trying everything from pet stores and vets, putting down prickly holly, pepper etc we were running out of ideas and the damned cats were still visiting and making a mess. I found a site which mentioned a mixture of castor oil and washing up liquid and water and spr...
The advice keeps changing. A few weeks ago the shelves were emptied of paracetamol because the experts told us Ibuprofen was no good for coronavirus symptoms.

In the last few days that advice has changed and we can take Ibuprofen.
I sympathise and am in a similar situation but my mum does have dementia. I haven’t been allowed to see her for about 5 weeks now. We Facetime but she often cries. I send her pretty cards and today I was shopping near her care home so I rang and said I have a card and some biscuits and sweets for he...
Hello Sam and Toni! You sound like you both have similar concerns. Dementia is a horrible illness. My Mum has it and it is just awful. This coronavirus just makes it worse because people who are trying to cope at home have a terrible time with no respite at all. My Mum is in a care home but I normal...
We were talking at lunchtime about texts we’ve had. My daughter who has Learning diffs then said she had had a text from the doctors surgery a few days ago. I asked her if I could see it and she said she deleted it. What good is it sending texts to people who can’t understand it? She is listed as ha...