It is indeed a national scandal Butterfly.

I have just started the process of CHC for my mum but I don't hold out much hope from what I've read and what people tell me.
Any update on your Dads assessment Christine?

Just wondering as I started Mums today.
nhshater wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:34 pm
Warning - My partner got continuing healthcare funding but as of today is getting no care whatsoever.
How come?
A previously posted article from the Guardian lays bare the inadequacies of the care home inspection system : Little surprised just how long it's taken the Daily Chuckle to catch up w... ... s-DAY.html

when is somebody going to do something about this?

Some elderly people have family to look out for them, but many don't.
All gone very quiet here. Mums rehab hospital is lovely and she's being well cared for but we know it's not permanent. No homes have been in touch to say they now have a place. I honestly believe Mum is going to need a nursing home rather than a care home. Her poor old legs have no strength and she ...
Oh heck, this must be so hard for you. We tend to think that all old people are lovely but some were not nice people in their younger days. I've had a couple of friends who didn't have good childhoods and they've severed all ties as they've got older as it's the only way they feel able to cope. I'm ...
I hate being negative but I honestly don't feel we will get it now. I should get my pension next July (2018) yet I have friends only months older who have been getting it for ages. Years in some cases.
At my mums old Care home I was speaking to a man whose Mum was in an adjacent room. He got her a phone put in but told me he wishes he hadn't as she was ringing him all day and night. She used to ring anybody she could think of and then they would ring her back and it would ring for ages before she ...
My persistence paid off and they're moving mum tomorrow to a small rehab hospital. My next aim is to try and get NHS Continuing Care funding for her but I think that will be a massive issue unfortunately. I feel I have to try though. I heard on the grapevine that one of the better homes I looked at ...