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I am lucky to have been granted a carers break.But I just wish it could be for longer,than two nights.If hardly gives me time to unpack my case before I have to pack up .we all work hard enough to card for our loved ones.So why can't us carers have more funding?regards Amanda h
God help us all.I am very very worried to say the least.My poorly Husband has cancer of Bowel prostate & secondary Lung cancer. I also suffer with a failed hip replacement & chronic Anxiety.Our health service is damaged & this government are out of touch.I will fight all I can with my Husband. Regar...
Hi I am worried sick at the moment as my poorly Husband has Lymphoma we are not sure which one,but he's on direct payments, and we are having to cut down on his carers in order to pay for personal, care as I am struggling with helping him dress & undress due to my self with Osteoarthritis. My Husban...
Yet again us carers have been forgotten as have disabled people.No wonder people bed block.Also no wonder carers hate being carers.This government is awful.I am so annoyed Yet more struggling regards Amanda h
g hi at last problem all sorted for the time being.Thank good.But they hadn't paid since April.Never mind so a few more treatments will be booked .Regards Amanda h
Hello Thank you all for your reply s.Direct payments are to help carers have maybe extra care or a therapy.There is a link on the page.I really hope it goes through.As I do gain something.Regards Amanda h.
Hello,I am really worried that my Direct payment will stop.I use them for my own needs to have a massage eg Reflexology or crystal healing.I am a full time carer/pa/housewife.I fear that I am no longer worthy in the councils eyes.Yet my Husband is still getting his direct payments. I Feel extremely ...
This is a huge worry now.Why are the Disabled & elderly being treated like This? I feel SICK with worry as to exactly what to do next.I own my property but my other half doesn't. I am scared of what happening.God help us all.Well seem to get better treatment at the Vets. Regards Amanda h
As a carer I am very concerned about the future with the awful welfare cut backs.My Husband isn't well &
Neither am I as I too have a failed Hip replacement.There seems to be no change for the carers allowance.US carers are saving this government from thousands of pounds.regards Amanda h
Hello & Happy Easter.OK I can tell you all that there is No Welfare system in the EUROPEAN. We have a close friend in Athens & she works in the bank of Cyprus, & has two boys the oldest is 13 soon.Her parents are Disabled,& this poor Friend has No help with her Mother who had a major stroke is wheel...