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Hi Helena Reading your post about your dad's GP and decision making (non) reminded of when my mother forbade me to phone the GP about her possibly infected leg about 3 years ago. My mother was in a lot of discomfort on and off with re currant cellulitus in her leg. My mother then lived 50 miles away...
Hope you enjoy the cricket in north Wales - maybe Glamorgan's north Wales club, Colwyn Bay?

Hope you get better weather than we are having in north Wales at the moment.
Hi Meryl You are entitled to have a new carer's assessment whenever you feel things have changed such as your mother's increasing dependence on you. They will then open up a new file. If anyone says different to you, then I would ask to speak to the manager as soon as possible, if they haven't got b...
If it were me, I would phone up the district nurse manager as soon as possible and if no result then speak to the Manager's manager. I have had to do this in the past.
Good luck
Hi The social worker can give you a list of care homes in north wales. Visit any near to you without phoning them up first. You get a feel of how friendly the staff are as soon as you are shown around. Also look up the last CCSIW report, which shows the last inspection report done by the care commis...
Hi Roberts I too live in north wales. My mother lives with me too. I can offer advice re respite as my mother went to respite for the first time last November. The social worker advised I had respite for mum every 6 weeks. I shall do another reply later when I am back home on the computer. Regards C...
Am I right in thinking that this is your home that your mother lives with you? Then you can invite who you like into your home. In which case, would it be possible to invite a carer's team in, even one a day and to introduce her as your friend who has come in to help you? When your mother sees her r...
Hi Louise

You mentioned that there are issues with the care home. What might they be? Maybe someone on here may be able to offer advice?
Also check to see if the company you work for allows for 'dependant's leave' It is usually 'leave' for up to 5 days a year, but to be used in an emergency when there is no one to care for your independent relative (or friend)
Hi Austin This is a very difficult time for you. Does your father get any other help coming into the house at all? It is too much for you to have the sole responsibility for caring for your dad. Has your father had a needs assessment from a social worker and have you had a needs assessment? There ar...