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<t>[quote]Lewis, who within the government has pioneered a campaign for dignity for the elderly, is blunt about what is ahead. 'There are some very difficult choices to be made. We have to be honest about this, and spell out to people what those choices are. There are different eligibility criteria,...
Mine too - I mightn't post in it, but I do read it.
Lesley - I'm so very, very sorry. You are in my thoughts.
Nice one Tony. At some point in the future can we do this to B&Q as well?
Thanks, Christine - most helpful.

We agree to disagree, although I suspect that we are not so far apart as it may appear. These things are always more easily discussed face to face.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Image
<t>Tony - I refer to carers - that is unpaid people, in their own homes, looking after friends or relatives. I have not commented about paid care workers or care homes, hospitals or hospital staff. Why have you introduced them into what was a comment about real carers in a non-institutional setting?...
<t>A lot of this so-called abuse, such as allowing an elderly relative to become dehydrated, is actually down to the carers not getting any training or support from the authorities. Rather than demonising the carers the authorities should get their act together to provide adequate levels of training...
I also would be interested in a simple explanation of the difference between an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Lasting Power of Attorney and yes, what is a Receiver in this context?
I'm sorry to see the carer's movement become even more fragmented, but if that's what you feell you must do then that's what you feel you must do.