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Interesting - we have two of them but never knew the name. Quite right, Melly, get the good of the flowers for a bit of colour then prune - remove as much as you like as they are very hardy. We live near North Sea with high winds and salt in the air and if they survive here they'll survive anywhere....
I love seeing all the lovely pictures posted on this thread. Scally, although we live in Scotland I have never seen the lovely birds you have photographed. Maybe living on the east coast has something to do with that - plenty seagulls of course. Just wanted to say thank you to all who share photogra...
Dear Norrms, thank you for this lovely message.
Bless you - sending a wee hug for you and Elaine xx
Hi Norrms. I look after my hubby who has dementia - he experiences some of the situations you describe so eloquently.

Best wishes to you and Elaine

Violet xx
That's exactly how I feel regarding hubby's dementia, Pet. I cannot find anything good to say about it. Of course she is obviously in good physical health (hubby is not) and her dementia must be very early stage (hubby's is advanced) (hugs)
Did anyone watch Songs of Praise yesterday? Because it was "Dementia Awareness Week", that was the theme of the programme. The lady who appeared in Angela Rippon's programme was also on S of P. She said her diagnosis of Dementia was a gift from God!
I don't think a TV programme showing the realities that we experience in the lives of those we care for who have Alzheimers or Dementia would never be shown - too grim for the viewers. I felt that no-one was likely to lose sleep due to watching the programme. One thing that I don't think has been me...