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Wow everything going well - lovely plans already. Mini Stollens (no calories) no problem, I'll bring them along. Would anyone fancy some lovely smoked salmon - wild Scottish, nothing but the best - I'm just going to put in my order.

Love those decorations :D :D :D
On line Christmas Party sound like a great idea Susie. I wasn't at last year's party but would like to join this time. Like you Susie, I do not drink so I wouldn't have an idea what to stock up on - I would probably serve everyone with lemonade sized tumblers. On second thought maybe I would be a ve...
Ouch! Hahaha thank you Susie :D
I have been wondering for a while, hoping all is well with Sajehar. Because I do not post as often as many of you do, I had thought that maybe someone had had a PM.
Tell George I'm on my way Anne - he's a bonny cat :D
I always refer to those who are paid as care workers because that is what they are - working set shifts/hours and earning a wage for doing so. Set hours, holiday entitlement, sick leave. Carers do not have those conditions of employment, simple. No=one ever told me that I was a carer - I just looked...
Thank you David :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: That was so funny, especially as some people might have thought they were real cats.

Do you have any links giving cats purring - one of the most soothing sounds I know.

violet xx
" I FEEL LIKE I AM SUCH A LONG WAY FROM HOME " Dear Norms - This is so eloquent, right from the heart. I often wish my hubby could "come back" - like you and so many others he is on dementia journey (vascular dementia) Bless you Norms Sending a wee hug to Norms & Elaine and Pet & husband violet xxxxxx
I think that it is important to point out that Simon said the term "granny dumping" was used to describe people leaving relative at an acute hospital not residential/nursing home.

Norms - what a lovely poem - thank you so much
I look after hubby who has vascular dementia

Best wishes x