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Great to hear that you and Charlie had such a good time - well deserved. xx
Lovely party - great to meet everyone. Swimming in the sea at this time of year, or should I say any time of year, is a distant memory for me. Good fun - roll on the next one. :)
Bless you Norms xx
Hello and welcome Sarah. You certainly are not alone in feeling the way you do. I look after hubby (advanced vascular dementia and a number of physical ailments) Because he is housebound, I pretty much am also, except for having Crossroads for three hours once a week. As regards your dad not waiting...
Ah that's a shame BB - to be so near the airport but no Ryanair flights to Crete. Due to caring for hubby the only flights I can contemplate are flights of fancy but, well, you never know ............... Majorca or Menorca great idea for your next holiday - go for it :)
Yacht with skipper wouldn't be a problem on our island - great idea.
BTW Bowlingbun I think you are a great advertisement for Crete - your holidays seem to do you a power of good. Roll on the next one :D
Happy Christmas everyone - slight delay as I got some more smoked salmon to make sure there's enough for everyone. This is my first visit to the island and my word, it is truly wonderful. Balmy soft wind, sunshine and clear blue sea - can't wait to swim there. Is that Bowlingbun - gosh she is going ...
Yes, I was the same - it took a wee while for me to catch on. I thought they handled it very well - it was very well presented, very moving to see. Difficult for me to watch due to hubby's vascular dementia - sometimes he thinks I am his mother; just someone who has popped in to visit; one of his si...
I care for OH who has advanced vascular dementia (on top of several age related problems) and, like Anne, I noticed how they had so much help and support from family and friends - far from reality in my own experience. :( I have seen bits and pieces of the programme - but mostly it feels too close t...
Looking forward to joining BB having a swim in those lovely turquoise waters, much warmer than the North Sea ever could be. I have never been a drinker so not knowledgeable at all - maybe some advice is needed regarding what to choose.