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Thank you Susieq, yes that has helped, and its good to know that some other Waitrose has done it.
Does anyone know, I'm in the west Surrey and at Waitrose they do a 'community matter' and they spilt £1000.00 per month between three charities but it has to be local, is there a local carers uk in the West Byfleet area,
If you can't rant on here where else can you, we all been there, we all have a good days and bad days but the summer is coming a bit of warm sunshine and things sometimes feel a bit better, well at least in the summer you can go outside and have a good shout and not get cold.
What can i say that the others haven't, just welcome, say what you like have a whinge, we are all here for you, i found it a great place to let off steam,
They say that they have got armoured boots, to save them from E I D's but done worry they will get them by 2019. save them know not later.
Just watch it, well done, rather him than me it looks a bit rough, and he's still in one piece.
<t>Hi Anna<br/> welcome, come and talk i was like you till i found this site, now i can cope so much better, it was so hard for me, i look after my 82 year old Mum she get frustrated that she can't do what she used to, i told her neither can i, i try and hold a part time job down keep the house tidy...
surly they can't do it in a day, do you think the driver did something so he could get the money?
<t>i do have a chat and word when the time allows and the computer has a good day, but i know how you are thinking, they seems to be the same people but as some one said, maybe people feel like they just want to read, i like to do and by god it makes me feel better to write things down and get some ...
<t>i think its worth talking to your manger, i work at waitrose and they are really good, i think you have a right to care for some one and most company will try there best to work around you, i change my job title about 6 month ago, i work from anything from 6.30am to 10pm, not all on one day, i wo...