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sorry i mean lil r and robert
All and everything of the above, i want to know why don,t we ask, it's because its hard to ask, yes it would be nice for some one to say, can i do the cleaning for you to day, or make you a cup of tea, oh i wish, no its 'two sugars is it, do you want a biscuit, won't be a minute just take the washin...
on these cold nights and i want to read my book in bed i lay my dressing gown on the bed, and stick my arms through the arm holes and you keep warm while reading. Image
can any one tell me if they is a young carers web site as some one at work asked me?
I'm reading a book my friend wrote her first, call Mask Wars by Joy Ellis 'she my friend', probable not my type of book but its a really good book. Image
Hi Mike, I'm sure you fit in just fine, welcome.
<t>Hi everything of the above, this is the only place i can talk at just how i feel, yes grumpy cause i can't do what i want, i would like to go for a walk for hours and hours and end up at a pub spend the afternoon there have a bit to eat then wander home and sit down for the rest of the evening an...
welcome maz1963 i sure someone on here will be able to help you more than me, everyone,s got some knowledge about all sorts of thing, or they may be able to tell you where to find out about the dwp.
<t>have you tried ring your local council to see if they know of anyone who can give you a grant for this type of thing, i know ours do grant to help the up keep of the house, and heating is essential this time of year and boilers all year, its typical it always when its cold the boiler goes. hopefu...
sorry can't say i have had this, but i'm sure if you rang them up and explained the situation they would come and see you, but i,m sure some one here can help.