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Good Morning Dolores
Hope you and Dave had a reasonable night. I slept for 5 hours all in one go and Andy no seizures Image
- i think this place is really helping me to destress.

Regards Mandy
Cheryl - BRAVO and very well said..........its exactly what came to mind. Hope the sun is shining on you today. Stability is what any person suffering chronic injury or illness needs not to be packed up on whim and moved. Support services are totally different in every district and each have their o...
Thanks Melly1

I am all of those BUT this morning Andy retorts to that -"She is bossy, regimented and a demon with a loofah"
Its a good job i love him Image

In that case i will bask in your gods blessings and be like a lost sheep - needs a little coaxing back to the flock Mx

Im so selfish reading it back BUT...........it would be bliss as long as i could come back Image
<t>There are a lot of us out there but if man believes in a fictional GOD then there are fairies, pixies, sprites and other little people............bringing pleasure with fairy dust.<br/> The french -where i lived for 3 years have folklore re fairies and so many places sell them in all guises. It w...
<t>Oh Dolores i often feel very hallowed when people offer their gods blessing - i sit on the fence re GOD or any GOD as ive seen so much pain and distress over the years its hard to believe a deity would do this to us.........humanity is suffering too.<br/> I like to think there is a god as it give...
<t>Hi Booksey and everyone else<br/> <br/> I empathise with you - my Andy is Epileptic with his huge doses of drugs and the seizures his memory is impaired waiting for assessment.<br/> His personality has changed and his need for cleanliness. He used to shower every day and shave twice sometimes He ...
Thanks for that- GOOD GOD ,what is wrong with this world, why are people so evil ?

Mandy Image
Hi - my names Mandy and i love candles and smelly crystals. The company i buy from are pretty cheap as i use a lot and one is called De-Stress. I laughed at first but lying in the bath with soft music, glass of wine and the granules wafting over me i am in a calm place....... I also like taking phot...