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Monica A TA with Special Needs Children is a very special person. If i was put in a ward full of children i would be totally out of my depth and have nothing in common with their needs. Everyone has a niche to find in any role or job and you sound as if the Deputy Head has a decent way of working. N...
Hi Kay

I was interested re the MS Carers Group and you have me looking this morning to see if there is one for Epilepsy Too Image Image Image
Thanks for that- Mandy
diva - what is MSE ?

I just added a rounded figure to my yearly fee for Carers UK. I didnt have much but felt any little helps.
Mandy x
Terminal Boredom - i dont know about anyone else, ive never had the time to be bored Image
Monica You are definitely not alone, the forum works and supports us all by telling our tales of woe and of of fun etc. What sort of "Team" do you work in ? I -like booksey and others have had the same problem. I used to scare my student nurses and junior staff - but only because i had a high powere...
<t>bertiebear<br/> <br/> I NOW know what you say is true but i lost my restraint and kicked back at admin and lost my GP because of it. I am now registered with a new one and already im impressed after 2 days.......they registered us both online accepted at the same time and we had correct repeat pr...
Hi there flapal1 Lack of sleep renders me grumpy and dopey![quote][/quote] What happened to the other 5 dwarfs ? sick sense of humour i know but i bet your smiling a little now ? As for your care role- you are a star, a whizz with technology and mostly because you have to be. Im sure your husband ge...
Hi Robin

Coming here for advice is a good thing, youll get more than that in the way of friends fun and frolick.

M Image
Never mind sweetie - i always find its a peaceful time of day Image
Good morning John- that comment is interesting re "keeping you waiting"
We didnt , we went straight in and we got there with 15 minutes to spare.
There were however people there still waiting when we came out.