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Catja, so glad that your counselling session went well.
Awwwwwh thank you http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif Beautiful flowers, balloons and cake too I'm being spoilt! Had a lovely day, we went out to lunch at Weatherspoons then I suprised the kids (all teenagers) and took them to play crazy golf http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif t...
I was sat on a bench eating my sandwich looking at this scene
Brrrrrrrr! As beautiful as the scenery is .... sitting on a bench Image , hope you had a flask of hot soup too Image
Snowed here this afternoon but not enough laid for a wintery scene, we'll see what the morning brings Image
Awh hun, didn't mean to make you cry but sometimes a good cry is what we need ... else what do they make weepy films for? Don't feel guilty, you have nothing to be guilty about and looking after your health and well being must not be dependant on whether your sister steps up to the role. Promise you...
Oooo with all the snow forecast maybe they'll be some more snowy photos on this thread? Like to look of snow but wont drive in it Image
<t>I missed you. Tried to send message before you went offline but failed.<br/> There is no rule that you have to care for your Dad. <br/> Sounds to me that all the time you do you'll get no help from family.<br/> Also sounds like its your time to look after your own health and let someone else do t...
<t>Hi Jennn<br/> Is your GP aware of how you are feeling? <br/> Friends and family aren't always the best ppl to seek help from.<br/> Are you receiving bereavment counselling? GP can arrange this, or hospice if you're already in contact with them.<br/> There is help out there but unfortunately you'r...
Glad you're improving, amazing how a bit of fresh air can make you feel better even when you've not fully recovered. Image
Hope you're feeling better today