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I've just found this and thought I'd share.

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<t>I'm registered as a carer with our GP and attend all appointments with my OH, I can ask questions and they get answered but was told not entitled to flu jab as I'm too young and OH doesn't suffer from respiratory problems, and GP doesn't appear to be bothered about whether I can cope despite me l...
<t>Sue, I'm sorry I have no words of help but didn't want to read and not post. I hope someone will post soon who has some experience or knowledge of what you're going through. My only suggestion I can think of is if you're not getting any information from the authorities on when your daughter will ...
Ooooo Happy Birthday Image Hope tomorrow is a lovely day for you xx
Carers Like Others To Help

Happy Birthday Ollie, time for cake?
Awh hope he perks up and you do get a good night.
Happy birthday, hope you've had a little time to yourself today.
I hate any advert involving sanitary protection - totally unnecessary, we all managed before they were allowed to advertise on TV. Imagine a young couple cozying up on the settee watching a film, adverts come on .....then girl doesn't know where to look and lad looks embrassed, romantic moment total...