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Thanks once more Chris. I no longer wish to complaint about the incidents - as that has been resolved. I now need to know where to go next as I am not happy about the service being pulled. I wanted to work with this care agency to help get an improved service for my father. As a carer of 10 years, ...
Can I inquire what type of employment will you be giving up. Have you considered reduced hours part time etc. Have you considered your future pension/s. Have you given thoughts on how your life will change. Life as a carer can be very isolating. Have you looked at what you network of people will be....
Have you every been on benefits. Being on benefits with six/seven children. The benefit system is so much more reduced and complicated than ever. Is not something to lightly contemplate.

Chris will come along who has the financial head. If you charge over £0.45 tax becomes an element.
I think to be honest... I would not worry about him as he will only have himself. I think you need to think more about how are you going to manage. All the children to look after and financially support the home. Don't you think it's all a bit selfish of your husband! Let him(support the decision) l...
As your are carer but may feel you are not. Believe me you are. You need to join a carer group in your area. That covers mental health issues. It's seems your older children could also do with support. There are also young carers groups. How do the children deal with the dad's behaviour/s?
What discussions have you had with mum re:her drinking. Does she except it's a problem or does she see it as you think it a problem. Does she actually want to help to change.


What is her behaviour like when drinking.
Do you have any contact with MIND UK.



or Bipolar UK


how was Christmas has the time brought on extra pressures.

What ages are you children?
Have you spoken to their g.p.? G.P.'s also do safe guarding referrals. Even if the g.p. can't directly discuss their health conditions. It's enough that you have made a phone call to the practice. Which should prompt some direct action. It maybe there has been not contact with a g.p. for sometime. I...