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Try a benefits calculator and type in with carers allowance ... and without and see what it tell you. https://benefits-calculator-2.turn2us.org.uk/ Calculators are a guide and until you apply you will not really know. You will only know re: UC until you apply. Which isn't very helpful. UC credit is ...
As a rule of thumb always take copies of any paper work referring to assessments medicals etc etc. Most certainly to the DWP as they always seemed to misplace no longer hold documents. Interestingly, though when challenged manage to find paper work.
My area selected pharmacies.
It would have been interesting to hear if he had ever been a carer. Had to leave his employment to care reduce his hours of work. Rely on state benefits for day to day living. Sell his house and/or car relocate his home.
The Government are completely not interested in carers full stop. The fact carers allowance wasn't increased in the pandemic. UC their flagship benefit system is all they are interested in. And want everyone who needs help to access this way. People on legacy benefits are excluded from the £20.00 UC...
Hello Anne & welcome to the forum

I would guess you could also help others in a similar position. You must have gain loads of knowledge and experience looking after your husband.
Oh Nicola Thanks for coming back to give an update. How are you feeling? Are you aware of https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/conditions/body-dysmorphia/ which will prove he isn't there to learn What does this mean? When I get the referral to CAMHS I must not mention he is being referred for Autism as ...
Janet how useful and informative I am sure this will help Nicola and her son.
Thank you for contributing to this thread.
The more we can help to support, signpost and empower people the better.