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My own DLA assessment was done by a retired GP employed by ATOS. I had years of experience interviewing people. His attitude was appalling, his report grossly inaccurate. That's why everyone should audio tape their assessment. Then the report would fit the dialogue and at least have some form of re...
Pet66 wrote:I was APPALLED too. The boastful way it was said. Might as well have punched the viewers in the stomach!
At least when my husband had his ATOS assessment it was carryout by a qualified G.P.
Good morning, we saw this programme it was very interesting. Its really sad but there seems to be no money for any one who is Disabled,with out all this awful fight the whole time. I had my PIP assessment, got turned down & I cant be bothereed to re apply as it is way to stress ful, & just because ...
Juggler wrote:Same year, December.


Have a look at this link...
It's seems to have a better understanding then what I read elsewhere.
I suspect it's not just the retirement date but some of the detail that wasn't highlighted sufficiently. I went online the other day to get a statement of my new state pension so I've an idea what I can claim in 2023 (rather than 2017!). I've got 38 years of NI but was told I wasn't at the maximum!...

The deadline is nearly coming to the WASPI are looking to reach 200,000 signatures.

Please keep sharing to meet the target.
Were moving property and thinking on going to BT we both have LD what kind of help is out there please These links may be of intrest ... http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/disability/disabled-people-and-communications-services consumers.ofcom.org.uk/disability/disabled-people-and-communications-services
Simon_1501 wrote:I like playing computer games
I just wounded if anyone could learn me to do easy cross word's please
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I use the above when I want to cheat!
The point is you may have well become a carer. So you have needed to know what you may have been up against!
Being a carer is a great responsibility and all or any help information is always useful.
Sorry, it's ended is such a way. All the very best for the future.
Hi, I am not sure why I am here really, seeking help and advise, possibly an answer - I do realise this is impossible though. I am divorced and met the most amazing man 2 years ago, 4 months together that were bliss, then in the space of a week he told me his depression was back and that he felt no...