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Hi & welcome Julia You have a right to feel how you do. You have given a great deal of support to your Dad. Eventually, caring takes it toll on all of us. This is the point you have now reach. At least respite is in place. However, given how you are felling. Just getting more respite long term may n...
Hi & welcome Paula I applaud you for wanted to raise awareness of unpaid carers. There has been lots of work passed and present. I think you will find most if not all avenues have been tried. In highlighting these ongoing issues https://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campaigns/campaigns https://www.carer...
I think many people dread calls from benefits depts. just say to yourself there isn't anything. If needed/necessary that can't be sorted.
Hi John & welcome As well as claiming carers allowance I think you could claim ESA. If you were to get ESA you would not be expected to look for work. https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/eligibility From the web site. Eligibility You can ap...
Hi & welcome Neil

Sorry to hear you are in such a position. Glad you girlfriend has been able to help you.

Shelter are the go to charity re: homelessness.

Any change of circumstances re: benefits should be report a.s.a.p.
Hi and welcome Alison

Please more information needed.

Owner or renter

Husbands age and disabilities.

Do you currently claim carers allowance and does your husband claim any benefits.
Do either of you need to work full time. What ages are you both? We both want to work, although we don't know how much longer we will be able to. I am 53 my wife 54. Hi David So the fact you both want to remain working. This brings it back to getting more help around the home. And not having to dea...
Hi David & welcome We all need a break from each other. I think what ever the circumstances we need me time. That option and balance has been taking away from so many of us during this last year. Positively, you are now connect to a carers group. Hopefully this will help with being able to speak to ...
Is the person you care for on UC also. If not read below I don't know if this could be another way. Of your getting the carers allowance element and you relative as below. Depending on which rate you relative would be entitled too. https://www.turn2us.org.uk/About-Us/Our-helpline https://www.turn2us...