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Joan you not the first or the last to find yourself in this situation. However it isn't fair and as you say can make you feel resentful. That is perfectly fine to feel this way. Because you are doing far too much. I'm never sure is being nearer or far away better. It's about sharing the load but we ...

Such a difficult situation.

Have there been a needs assessment and carers assessment for either of you.

I think Social Services should help towards / manage the granddaughter visit's.
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Even if everyone of those signed it would be a small contribution. Individuals need to read and forward to friends and family to support it.
I think it would better to reject having at least viewed the property. Then write down all the negatives for refusing. I.e. as you have already stated. And add the detrimental effect on well being. https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/housing/social-housing/apply...
Quite complicated and difficult for people on the forum to answer. As each claimant is in a unique situation. I can only suggest you make contact with Carers UK helpline and /or Citizens Advice. There are varies number of threads on repayments/over payments of carers allowance on the forum. Reading ...
I wish we could have Barbara on here and tell her what she and her son is entitled too.

One for Carers UK who could contact the newspaper.
Sarah that's a lot on your shoulders. Are you working and have spoken to your employers. Some employers are very good at helping there staff. Has Nan made a will do you know what her wishes are. Talking is one of the best therapy's for you in this situation. You are already feeling beavered and need...