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as anyone on income support got a letter of there local council that they have to pay up to 20% of there council tax bill we just got a letter out of the blue thank you
<t>hi guys mr turk is back in town been missing for along time been haveing a bad time with tras health she is still know better i was looking after my cousen as well he as passed away now and it hit me very hard we grew up together and i miss him like mad ok catch up with you all in the next few da...
to a speedy recovery fabrice i have prayed for you and your familey god bless
hi tracie wellcome to a fellow mancunian Image
hi kellie my wife has end stage emphysema and she also 49 is your mum on home oxygen tra is on 8 liters 24 hours aday she is on a morphen pump she went flat a few week ago we could not get anr resopnse for 22 hours i think the strees goes with the job and not alot of sleep some times do you get any ...
our gp is great no problem at all Image
hi chrystine wellcome to the foram you have a lot of things going on and a lot to cope with i cant answer your things but i am sure someone will be abel to help you soon take care
hi dina wellcome to the foram i think you should ask to see the ocupational therapist and a sociel worker at the hospital and you could also look if you have a local carers center i hope this is of help and good luck http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon...
hi lostforever glad to have you on the foram stick around and you wil not be lost on here it could bethe best thing you have done Image Image Image
i like braburn they are deluish Image Image