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Welcome from an ex Mancunian looking after an ms sufferer http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_biggrin.gif hi ex mancunian do you miss liveing in manchester which part of manie did you live in does the person you carefor as ms do they have days wen they are ok i whas told they can go in to remitisho...
hi pete is rugby world cup comeing up soon or have i got it wrong i thout i herd it on tv i thing it is in south africa if it is i can not wait knowing me i have got it wrong are you doing anything this weekend i will try to get on in the day instead of at night tomorow or sunday i will try to catch...
thankyou rosemary nice to meet you speak to you soon
hi lisa i am a newbie you are as much a care as any one else i look after my wife it is afull time job i get gref of my missis and sometime it hurts whate she says but you must let it go over your head keep smileing love from mr turk
hi pete been at the hospital most of the day with wife i like rugby leagues but latley i hafe got in to rugby union it seems to be a better game there is a lot more to it i love any rugby my local team is sale sharkes i wish i had time to go my is going away for restbite soon i might go then whate s...
speak to soon pete geting tierd going to bed good night
what do you like leage or union i whatch both my frend played for bradfod he is now the couch for celtic crusaders iyestin harris he as been on tv a few times owe do you care for turk
if you meen the red side of manchester yes i do are you red or blue i all so like to watch rugby Image
i look after my wife she as terminal copd and ms i live in hyde near manchester i like to watch rugby and football i have been careing for 5 years and does not get any easeyer i have got mental health problems since i started careing but you just keep going :roll