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<t>Hi Malcolm<br/> <br/> Sorry to hear of your circumstances. I've never been in that situation but must admit I'd be pretty worried too. I can only suggest you try some of the things that other members here have already advised but make sure you eat and look after yourself. The other companies will...
<t>I had these sent to me by a friend and they made me laugh... hope they brighten your day too!<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> IT CAN BE HARD KEEPING A STRAIGHT FACE AS A COURT REPORTER<br/> <br/> These are from a book called, Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, w...
Hi Anita and welcome to the forum.

I don't have much advice to offer as my caring situation is different and we're in Scotland where care / costings etc are different but I'm sure you'll get some much needed advice/support here.

Take care

Hello and welcome Chris

Im pretty new here too but have found the forums useful and supportive. Im sure you'll get some encouragement here and a place to let off steam.

Debbie x
<t>It's always good to have a rant every now and then!<br/> <br/> For a number of years my mother (who lived in another part of the country) would come to visit for a couple of weeks at a time. My eldest 4 children were all very young and 2 have special needs. Before her arrival I'd scrub the house ...
<t>Scally I think because it's a relatively new benefit the information is, at best, patchy. Typical that gov makes changes but most front line departments have no real understanding of how it works. They seem to just learn as they go along.<br/> <br/> I was relieved J eventually got put into the su...
Hello and welcome vinny!
<t>Hi andrew and welcome to the forum.<br/> <br/> Im new here too and have already been encouraged by the posts that I've read and the friendship and understanding of other carers. Im sure you'll find this forum a blessing; a place to let off steam, be encouraged by others and get advice that might ...
Think I'm either too young to remember them or never watched them because I grew up abroad!

summer or winter?