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<t>Hello..<br/> <br/> Just catching up here, He has had a week off school and no problems.<br/> <br/> I spoke to the school, they said he was trying to control me hence why he was playing up..i disagreed to be honest. <br/> Anyway they gave me similar tips to what was put here, ie giving an activity...
<t>Hi Abby.<br/> <br/> He does understand what he reads, there is no problem there, he will ask any words he does not understand. <br/> <br/> He does not play with toys..he will colour or read or play with his ds or ipod..but there is only so much time he will want to do this..<br/> <br/> Thanks for...
Hi Mona.

Welcome to the forums.

I cant answer your question but wanted to say hello x
<t>He is very clever, can read very well..i forget about the visual help, i had a chart before we moved and it did help, may try that again..after dinner, when im still eating, hes finished ..its usually very small amounts of time, but if i cant direct his attention to something quick enough he beco...
<t>Thanks Abby.<br/> <br/> I do wonder what goes on in his head sometimes, everyday is a new challange for him and me. Learning what makes his happy/ stressed,<br/> <br/> He knows he has autism but hes struggling to know what it means.<br/> Hes is a lot happier now tho then a year ago when he was in...
Hi And welcome to the site.

School was the worst years of my life..hate bullies with a passion.
Is there any online groups your daughter can join so she can feel less alone.

Hope you get some support for yourself too x
<t>Hi Abby.<br/> <br/> Welcome to the forum.<br/> <br/> I care for my 12 year old son who has global delay and Autism. Hes just started at a new school for children with speech delay and Autism. We have just moved house 5 weeks ago to a new area so a lot for him to cope with. <br/> <br/> Hope you fi...
Will be thinking of you tomorrow Booksey..xx

My son is 11 and has autism, we are also moving house in 2 weeks. stressfull eh.

Just wanted to welcome you to the forums x
Happy Anniversary to you both xx