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I would have put the phone down...and immediatly rang their office and demanded to speak to the supervisor to put in a formal complaint. That was abysmal! I had something similar with a women from the water board many years ago and did just that, the woman was fired there and then.
On an emotive side I can honestly say there is no such thing as caring too much. On a practical side I have had to learn just recently that yes there is. I had to learn to allow my disabled son to have the freedom to walk about and do things in an effort to keep this family functioning as a unit. E...
61 hours by Lee Child.
'..the silicon chip insider her head..' from 'I don't like Mondays' up to about 2 years ago always sounded like 'the silk and cip besider her head'...always wondered why the song never made sense...then suddenly it dawned on my 20 years later what the actual words were http://www.carersuk.org/images...
If it is under 21 hours pw /classed as part time and you are on full benifits it will be free for you. You have to apply for edu authority to pay for you the adult learning centre where the course are hed should have this information to hand as to where you apply.
sparkling,i do not know what other outside help emma needs to be truthful,counselling she would be lucky to get as in my part of the woods it would mean she would have to go out to access it,same with psychology. Emma has sometimes suffered with depression in her own opinion and she has had some me...
Angela, I'm not a Dr or anything but agriphobia and he obviouse anxiety are also signs of deepression...I had all 3 of these about 15 years ago and was dx with depression, so I wondered if it was worth the dr visiting her and getting some outside other help (not ness. meds).
I'm a bit worried that I may have 'grown up' as I'm not as excited about Dr Who coming back as I usually am at this point. I've watched the trailers and I just keep thinking meh..... its the amy show!
You're not the only one who thinks it's the amy show.
Your daughter maybe ill, that does not give her the right to emotionally blackmail and control you. Your husband is right. This is something your daughter will simply have to deal with. She is ill not incapable. Enjoy your pampering days Image
Like it, sparklingtechie. It is a bit late for me to philosophise at this moment in time. I will have to put my brain in to gear in the morning... Personally, I prefer the work of Aristotle who found the universal in particular things, which he called the essence of things, while Plato finds that t...