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<t>Are you able to work out an average over the year ie add up all the care hours (from weekends and college hols and then divide by 52 weeks?) then explain this is what you have done in the notes section/on a separate page and attach.<br/> <br/> The helpline should be able to advise, I'd give them ...
<t>I have no advice to give, but just wanted to say it all sounds shocking.<br/> <br/> I'm having battles for my caree at the moment and no one in officialdom seems to be listening to what he and I am wanting/saying either.<br/> <br/> Keep strong, what you are asking for is perfectly reasonable.<br/...
Have you managed to get your wife an earlier appointment?

Who set up the stall Fran?

Happy reading.

Hi Tom, no advice to add; just wanted to say hello and welcome.

<t>Hi Red, and welcome.<br/> <br/> I don't have any knowledge of benefits, but may be worth ringing the helpline of visiting the citizen's advice for advice.<br/> <br/> You, your wife and son have a lot to adapt to, no wonder you are all struggling.<br/> <br/> I suppose the advantage of your wife go...
<t>Hi Susan, I have been looking at specialist, residential colleges and my first port of call is web-based information, if there was this sort of thing on the web for those - I would have looked at it during research. Especially since the CSCI/CQC reports are now all out of date and not being updat...
Thanks Charles,
Will check out link and see if there is anything else I can do to move on the situation ... though because the buck and decisions stop with officialdom, I suspect there is little more I can now do.

<t>HI Lazydaisy, <br/> <br/> Too true.<br/> <br/> S belongs to special olympics. All the athletes train hard and those selected to compete at national and international level are serious athletes in their own right. The para-olympics gets much support and recognition in this country than special oly...
Ladybird, I wonder if it will put her off bacon??? (be interesting to see whether experience or PW wins the vote.)