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Welcome Scattybrain and David.

I agree with Bertiebear, the ripple affect is pertinent to lots of us. I care for S and his autism - both our lives are affected daily by autism.

<t>I am sure there are a few claimants who are fraudulent (sp?) but the majority are genuine claimants. The number of upheld appeals indicates how the ESA test is failing. Also the Access to Work budget has been majorly slashed and this is the very support many disabled people returning to work need...
Hi Jessica, welcome. Keep up the good work!


PS you should consider having "search inside" function enabled on Amazon - so nosey folk (like me!) can take a look inside!
<t>HI Charmaine,<br/> <br/> feeling lonely and isolated seems very much a part of caring. I didn't realise and though it was just me (who had a shrinking social life,) until I came on here.<br/> <br/> Pop onto roll call and join in with the daily chat, it is like catching up by the coffee machine!!<...
Hi Peter pan,

(sorry to gatecrash your thread Milene)

I strongly advise you to join arthritis care forum, it is great for support. I have OA and it has been of great help to me.

Hi Peter Pan,

I know exactly what you mean - most of my stress comes not from caring for S but all the other professionals involved. In fact right this moment they are making life very stressful. Enjoy the moment, because transition time is one hell of a battle ...

<t>Hi Kazanddek, <br/> <br/> I care for S who is 19 and autism and I work 4 days a week teaching children with special needs. Sounds like we both have busman's holidays! Work is hard, but I do know what you mean, a chance to focus on something/someone else, all absorbing and a break from caring ... ...
<t>HI Katherine,<br/> <br/> juggling caring and working fulltime is no mean feat. You will soon realise on this forum that you are not alone. Even though we all have different circumstances, many of our issues and problems are similiar. It is good to share with those who do know what we are going on...
Hi Caz and welcome,

I care for S who has autism, so different circumstances; but many of the carer's issues are the same.

<t>Well done Audrey, go girl, go.<br/> <br/> I have been having an ongoing battle over our council tax. When the new financial year started after S turned 18, I received forms to fill re single occupancy and 25% discount etc I filled in the forms in, explaining that although S had turned 18, because...