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that is disgusting and disgraceful treatment that you and your hubby have had.

I'm sorry I have no advice to offer, but hope you find someone who can help.

She is bossy, regimented and a demon with a loofah"
Just as well you are ... he'd be in a right state if you were a pushover!!
'Tis a good job you love him.

<t>When I was in hospital having a hip operation (this time round) I was saddened to see the treatment of some of the older patients especially the overweight ones and also when S was on the acute medical ward, I felt the same.<br/> <br/> I for one would welcome improved visiting times, they are ver...
Hi Jessie,

thinking of you.

Only folk who have been a carer themselves can truly understand what it is like. Even the most understanding of friends, who try to understand have to admit they can only begin to imagine. Which is why this forum is so great!!

<t>Hi, <br/> <br/> I looked at this thread as I was in disbelief at the title and because LD spending is of relevance to us (S and I.) Unlike your housing thread, Scally ... which is not relevant to us, so had nothing to add.<br/> <br/> I agree with Rosemary, I joined this thread because I was in ne...
I've only been to Scotland to visit friends. I loved the wide open spaces, the accents and the company. It was too cold for me though ... my joints hate the cold. As I drove further North, I could actually feel the temperature dropping.

<t>Minnie, I agree with Susie,<br/> <br/> This Christmas will be very hard. Try and do something so that you aren't stuck at home - visit friends you haven't seen in years/do some voluntary work etc<br/> <br/> Spend some time too with someone who can help you reminise and remember some of the lighte...
<t>I hope you have a better week, Monica and the union are helpful.<br/> <br/> There seem to be lots of positives as well as the unpleasantness. You seem to have reservations re the floating. Have you written down the pros and cons f staying as you are V floating to weigh it up objectively. If float...
Good luck with your new job, Maxi. Hope you manage the juggling act ok.