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<t>Meg, sounds like the new care company aren't delivering the services they are being contracted to do. It is not up to them what they deliver - they should be delivering what they are commissioned to be delivering. I also don't see how it is up to them to decide to cut care hours etc that were ass...
<t>I agree with Myrtle and Meg, you shouldn't feel guilty and you should explore your options.<br/> <br/> Living day today is hard enough without having the worry of the future hanging over your head. Definitely seek advice. If the equity company are no good, I would contact the CAB.<br/> <br/> Mell...
<t>Eun - that must have been very scary for all of you. Does your son have a speech therapist who deals with his feeding? Might be worth asking for an appointment.<br/> <br/> Re the ESA malarky - the system is a disgrace. I think though with your son it would be obvious to any ESA assessor that he c...
<t>Thanks Jenny, I'll check this out.<br/> <br/> I use a whiteboard all the time with S, as he understands written communication better than spoken. We literally wear out the surface on white boards and I like to have different sizes - A4 are great in the house, but when out and about I like one whi...
Thanks for the update, Ladybird.

It is good to hear positive tales of SW - because the good ones are very few and far between.

<t>Hi Jackie, it is possible to have an eye test done at home. Alternatively you could hire a wheelchair (Red cross/ St John's ambulance/ some disability shops) to take her. Having her eyes tested would really improve her quality of life. Does she listen to the radio? Or like talking books? If she h...
Hi Mrs Janet,

nothing to advice as I know nothing about housing and relocating.

Just wanted to say welcome and I hope the advise from Meg and Charles helps.

Hi Don and welcome.

Hope your partner is none the worse from her "slide."

That was very ingenious.

<t>Sian - I'm so sorry you are under so much pressure. Officialdom forget they are dealing with real people who often have genuine difficulties. I don't have any experience of any of this. I think you do need support whether it is CAB, Age concern or an advocate. Sending you cyber support.<br/> <br/...
Hi Simon,

I agree with Paul and Myrtle.

Growing up with pets teaches children so much and the pleasure they can give is enormous. Start educating little one early and all will be fine.