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<t>OOh Ladybird, you have worked so hard to get to this point. What is lovely is that this is something your daughter and you both want; she is going to get the chance to be more independent (and you have found her place that has the right background and skills to enable this to happen.) And you wil...
<t>So true and gets even harder at adulthood - no services or support whatsoever. No funding/decision on funding if you do get a place .... <br/> <br/> I found it easier to give S enough structure and activity when he was younger, now he no longer goes to bed before me ... I have longer hours to fil...
Hi Nannypat and welcome.

<t>Gilli - sorry to hear your son has lost a good befriender, it is a shame there was no overlap, now you need to induct the new person .... Hope the next one is found quickly and is at least as good as the old one.<br/> <br/> S has had befrienders before an assortment of ones through projects and o...
This is another terrible story. There are so many unscrupulous people out there willing to take advantage. Often though, it seems the police can do very little at onset because the disabled person (who is all trusting) enters into the "friendship" willingly. I have heard my next door neighbours (not...
<t>Scally,<br/> <br/> I agree with you; for some young disabled people, work is an option IF it is set up and supported properly. I see no reason in the future why S could not work part time - but he would need a suitable working environment (calm, quiet, low arousal), a job that interests him (cook...
My last car was ex-mobility - low mileage, had been maintained/serviced regularly. A very good buy.

I hope this makes a big difference.

Clear groundrules on both sides need to be in place, for it to work, I would imagine.

Well done Audrey.

Oh Scally, I wish you well with your battles, please keep us posted. Your son is lucky to have you fighting for him. I only find battles satisfying when I am making progress/winning ... I don't seem to be managing much of either with officialdom at the moment.