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<t>Hi Juggler, yes I'm a juggler too. Not easy is it?!<br/> <br/> Just a thought, if your Dad buys similar stuff each week - could you do an online shop for him and the supermarket could deliver? Once less thing for you to do as it is would be very easy for you to order the same things each week onc...
Hi Michelle and welcome.,

How lovely to hear your family are supportive - a rarity!

Hi Sariose and welcome,

Hi Tracey,
no more advice to add, just wanted to say welcome.

Hi Matty and welcome, the forum is a great place to share the demands of caring - no one understands the mixed emotions caring brings better than other carers.

so many folks on here have families that are too ready to criticise but never prepared to support/takeover etc

Your Mum sounds a real handful!

Hi Sturdygirl,
I know you posted to Tracie, but just to say; S weighs about 12-13 stone and is on 100mg in the a.m. and 125mg in the p.m. and was told this could be increased if necessary ...

Good for her!!

What a lovely thing to witness.

<t>I watched this documentary.<br/> <br/> I agree that it would be good for such programmes to show positive stories too and promote voluntary work/visiting at homes too.<br/> <br/> I also think that until CQC do a better job, it is a good job that people are raising public awareness and whistleblow...
<t>Hi, we have a weighing chair at school, for children who have enough trunk support etc they can just sit in the chair, (be hoisted in if necessary.) I wonder if there is a special school near enough to you who would let you use theirs. District nurses/community nurses might be knowledgeable of so...