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Thanks Charles,
Will check out link and see if there is anything else I can do to move on the situation ... though because the buck and decisions stop with officialdom, I suspect there is little more I can now do.

<t>HI Lazydaisy, <br/> <br/> Too true.<br/> <br/> S belongs to special olympics. All the athletes train hard and those selected to compete at national and international level are serious athletes in their own right. The para-olympics gets much support and recognition in this country than special oly...
Ladybird, I wonder if it will put her off bacon??? (be interesting to see whether experience or PW wins the vote.)

Bertiebear - http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/me ... ayepisode2 programme from 21st June. This is discussed. I know what you mean, it helped me hearing it said out loud, it somehow validated my feelings.

Hi Linda, I have no knowledge or advice about this, but what a lovely thing of your Mum to say. Hope you can arrange it, sounds like you deserve it. What a fab thing to be looking forward to.

<t>Hi Ladybird, oh yuk!!! I hate cleaning up sick.<br/> <br/> I thought bacon was cured and therefore not really raw? To eat lots would be very undigestible and fatty and would surely sit in the stomach. No wonder she brought it all up!! I'd keep her well hydrated and monitor her closely. <br/> <br/...
<t>I think I'm very stuck in the here and now and immediate future at the moment. I heard on a Radio 4 programme that a big cause of stress is powerlessness to effect change. That is where I am at the moment. So many professionals involved with deciding S's future and me powerless. This means I cann...
Thanks Ralph and Susie,

Very wise, I shall try and keep this in mind.

Have taped it off radio so can listen when S isn't about. S can't cope with "talking" radio - he gets sensory overload. Will need to pysche myself up I reckon.

Hi, a small square of gauze between the ear and the tube seems to be the standard suggestion. Did see this invention http://www.amazon.com/SP-Medical-Oxygen-Cannula-Cushions/dp/B0041LEHGC so might be worth googling further, as you probably wouldn't want a pack of 25 ... and is quicker if buy from UK...