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<t>Hi No1mum, <br/> <br/> S still believes I can fix all his problems and work out what they are) - no pressure then!!<br/> <br/> Since wearing his earplugs more, he has had several ear infections, never had them before that. Did wonder if it was coincidence or a connection.<br/> <br/> Any progress ...
Well, I think SS social services fit in that list better.

As in;

WTF What the F**K
BTW By the way
DKDC Don't know don't care
FFS for f**ks sake
SS social services
NHB not a happy bunny
Image Image Image

They are duly added.

<t>Hi Charles, he can recount events but can't explain feelings, identify source of pain until it is raging ... 'tis all guess work, reading his behaviour etc Could just be that swimming with me is boring now he is too big for me to throw him into the water etc ....<br/> <br/> I will persist at tryi...
<t>Hi Charles, <br/> yes lots of sensory issues with hearing. He does wear earplugs when out and has recently starting wearing them in the swimming pool too, initially this seemed a great improvement and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of using them in this situaton sooner!<br/> <br/> I'm not su...
<t>Hi, <br/> <br/> S needs lots of regular exercise otherwise he becomes anxious, restless and frustrated. I'm sure this is a combination of his youth (he is 19) and his autism.<br/> <br/> Achieving this isn't easy particularly because I'm a fair bit older than him, he doesn't always want to exercis...
Thanks for letting us know this Scally and for link.

<t>Hi CB and welcome,<br/> <br/> Sorry I don't have any info re indentification. Do you mean if you are challenged entering their house, collecting meds or for an emergency?<br/> <br/> Booksey, We have CERS here for carers/carees in an emergency, I have the leaflet, but have never had enough free ti...
Thanks for adding to the list. Have added all your suggestions so far to the top post. As well as being fun, hopefully this will help newbies (and myself when I'm stumped,) fathom out what we are all talking about ...