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Hi Gutpreet,
I didn’t know either but found this https://www.ndti.org.uk/assets/files/St ... ow_res.pdf

Although it’s written for a particular council, it explains the principles.

Thanks for sharing your story, Richard.


I was the same with the phone call re S.

Hi Ed and welcome,

life sounds pretty full on.

Good you have a dedicated CPN to share the load. Living with someone who has attempted suicide is stressful.

Hi Foxglove,

how is old your Mum?

Hi Tracey, Just a reminder if your username is your full real name then please change it to protect your identity. I had a phone message saying S had a telephone appointment with UC to discuss his work commitments ( he is unable to use the phone and I'm his appointee.) I questioned it on his journal...
Hi Jason, welcome to the forum. What a worrying time for you. I know several people with fibromyalgia. I think it is one of those conditions that the more you understand it, the better it can be managed. A hospital in our area runs courses for those who are newly diagnosed (no doubt on Zoom at the m...
In that case Jackie, you must let the hospital know this. The hospital think he needs rehab anyway. Your home is not suitable for a non-mobile, bariatric man. Care workers four hours a day leaves most of the care to you and you won't be able to move him. Allow the hospital to put in place their orig...
What about you? Do you feel you would manage with him at home and four care visits a day or do you think it would be better for you and him if he went to rehab?

Hi Ann, welcome to the forum. Have you joined the forum because you want to share your views on the vaccine or because you care for a family member or a friend? Although the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission, research suggests it reduces transmission https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covi...