Hi, S's after college support ( 3 hours a week, for 39 weeks of the year,) is funded by direct payments, The person is paid via a payroll service as I said I have enough to do (juggling S's care and working.) however, I have re dived a letter from the Pensions Regulator saying I have a legal duty to...
Butterfly, I attended a training course on mental capacity and DOLS. We were taught that lacking mental capacity in one area didn't mean someone automatically lacked mental capacity in another area. I'm not saying this is the case with your Mum and I find it worrying that those assessing MC are ofte...
Thanks for sharing. :D


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Hi Rosemary, It is the same where we live. Folk are no longer allocated a long term social worker who gets to know them etc. They are only allocated a social worker for a brief period of time e.g. to do a care assessment and then the case is closed until it needs re opening again. I have had to liai...
Butterfly, Just in case you didn't see this section - on the HCPC website it says on the matter: Why doesn't my professional appear on the Register? This may be because they are registered under a slightly different name. For example, someone may be 'William Smith' on the Register but use 'Bill Smit...
Butterfly, I believe the social worker could raise safeguarding concerns if you prevent them from seeing your mother. However, I don't believe the meeting should go ahead if your advocate can't make it. I would allow the social worker to see your mum, but insist the meeting is rescheduled. I don't t...
Good point, Albert.

I don't know about the elderly, but when S's income and finances are looked at by Fairer Charging ( local authority,) to see how much he should contribute towards the care he receives, we have to provide proof e.g. Bank statements, benefit letters etc

I'm sorry to hear about this. A definite reminder that we often have to shout loudly to get any service these days. Do make a complaint once you feel able. Is physical therapy now in place for your mum?

bowlingbun wrote:
Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:09 pm
In Hampshire they have to use the clients phone to ring a free number when they arrive and leave. Ask the county to arrange this for you.
S's new agency support before college uses this system too.

Hi Tricia, Welcome to the forum. I suggest your sister looks here https://www.carersuk.org/upfront/ at the Upfront guide as it's designed for those new to caring. Please note the advice line is open on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Carers UK Adviceline You can talk to us two days a week, no matter wher...