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I agree with Penny, I would ask for a different counsellor. I can't see how it can work if you mentally prepare and then the appointment doesn't go ahead.

Maybe have some stock answers ready, so you don't have to think of them.

Do you have any support with him i.e. a befriended/sitter/paid carer so that you can leave him at home and go out on your own for a bit (not that there is anywhere much to go at the moment.)

Hi Janet, perhaps he can't remember going the toilet and so is stuck in a permanent loop. If this is the case, it should be a passing (if limiting phase.) As it's not a genuine need, would it work to say, oh ok love, I'll pull over to the next toilet we see. Others will be along with more suggestion...
Ellie, I don't know if this will help, but you could try a social story. Social stories are usually used with those with autism and/or a learning disability, but might help your Mum too. You can have simple text on each page and a picture (drawn/ from the internet / photos). Something like: Lots of ...
Hi Lee, currently nurseries are able to stay open. If they close and you can't work from home, it appears your employers can furlough you. Here is an information sheet: https://workingfamilies.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Key-Info-for-Employers-Childcare-Caring-CEV-Furlough-Working-Families.pdf...
Hi Jeanette,

welcome to the forum. What a sad situation for your daughter - does she get any help?

It sounds like you did an excellent job raising your granddaughter, you must be very proud of her.

Hi Lisa,
I think you are doing the right thing; not only is it illegal for them to visit for the sole purpose of socialising, but it’s also risky for your Dad.

Tell them they can do a window visit or a Skype call instead and to think how terrible she’d feel of your Dad contracted Covid.

Hi Caz, Sorry to hear how much the pandemic has affected your Mum. Is your Mum’s loss of speech physical or cognitive or a combination? Eye tests can be conducted whether a person can communicate verbally or not. Why not ring the clinic to discuss your concerns. Her poor eyesight might account for s...
PS. If Mum was no longer with us, I would not be looking at knackered properties, I would private rent somewhere nice and quiet for 6 to 12 months and look for something permanent to move into with no neighbours. I don't understand why this is only feasible if your Mum was no longer around? You cou...
Hi Kira, I'm sorry I didn't see your replies to my questions on your original thread. It does sound like your Mum has done a lot to support your sister with learning sign language, researching and trying to get help with her Pica and so on. Instead of taking her to A&E which would be very stressful ...