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Hi Martin,

and welcome. I suggest you ask for a home visit for him to have his vaccination or wait until a more local centre opens. In our area, they are doing them at a local surgeries, chemists as well as at the bigger hubs.

How worrying and ridiculous.

Definitely ring 111.

Oh Jackie,

sorry to hear this. No he didn't need anything else to go wrong for him, nor anything else for you to worry about.

Ralph, this is appalling. This is clearly a safeguarding issue. This might have useful information on safeguarding: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/legal-financial/safeguarding also https://www.ageuk.org.uk/globalassets/age-uk/documents/factsheets/fs78_safeguarding_older_people_from_abuse_...
Oh Penny, I agree with BB, the crying was probably a build up of lots of things and not just the whole UC debacle. I'm having one (again) over S's UC. The system is SO inflexible, the staff only know the straightforward stuff and I really don't know how many people cope with the system. According to...
Lorraine, you are doing the right thing. Hold strong.

Don’t worry about upsetting the social worker, this isn’t your fault!!

BB is the expert on complaining :lol:

In the meantime, there is some info here https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... complaints

Old thread, locked.
Hi Lorraine, Sounds like it’s time he moved out. Once he is fending for himself and having to do all his own chores, he’ll probably gain a better perspective. If he has got undiagnosed MH issues then he may have to hit rock bottom to be diagnosed and get help. Does he pay you keep? If you need your ...
Ontheverge, some people are funded for 24/7 support, some live in small group homes or share a flat/house and have shared 24/7 care. There are lots of options. GPs are jack of all trades and masters of none. They have very little training about special needs. A friend of ours trained to be a GP a fe...