Albert_1604 wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:37 pm
Cheer up everybody..........
.........In 18 days time it will all be over ! :D

Then the damned Easter eggs will be hatching out. :D :D
:lol: :lol: :lol:

My biggest objection is TV depicting the big extended family celebrating Christmas together and the only other depiction is the total opposite ie poor Dot Cotton alone with her cat and feeling forgotten. S is very influenced by the TV and wants the whole big gathering thing and if you are feeling lo...
Lots of great advice already been given. My only other one is to gives him tiny servings. A friend of mine recommends freezing portions ice cube trays!

Hi Stephen,
Has your Mum's ability to chew and swallow been assessed by a speech therapist. It nay be that she is finding it more difficult since her last stroke. Google dysphasia for ideas on foods she might find easier.

My first mobile phone was an original Nokia 3310. I used it until it fell apart. Sometimes the oldies are the best.

Thanks all,
Please delete it. I have banned Laura and her IP address.

Yes BB, If I had to sum up Christmas I'd say it's "exhausting." S will be home 24/7, no clubs/ day service etc for a fortnight. Everywhere is closed or too crowded. The weather isn't great and daylight hours are short. He is excited and anxious and I'm tired and there is no chance of chilling ... Me...
Hi NHShater, 24/7 caring is too hard especially for do one with high support needs. I hope you are able to nap during the day as sleep deprivation is the worst. I was still up as my mind would switch off. I have had a stressful few months, but am hoping life should be getting a little easier again.....
Hi NHShater, Sorry things are so tough. I hope having a solicitor helps. I have twice had to get S a solicitor (luckily he was entitled to legal aid,) and on both occasions it had the desired effect. It made the LA education department do what they were supposed to do and on the second occasion forc...
Only one third of their funding comes from authorities, rest is voluntarily. I was pleased to do my bit to help by eating cheese and drinking lots of wine :P :P Sounds like a win-win! Our friend's Mum was cared for and passed away in our local hospice, she and her family and her current place of wo...