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Excellent article. Whenever my husband has been admitted to hospital he goes with a copy of his careplan, especially to keep his eczema under good control. Staff often report they don`t have time to deal with it, or that it is a busy surgical ward, but without good skin condition they can`t expect g...
<t>Thank you all for my birthday wishes.<br/> <br/> Sadly we got as far as Aviemore (our "break the journey stop"). Had a lovely meal and settled down for an early night to be woken at 2am with hubby struggling to breathe and having an angina attack. Got him settled eventually about 5am, but he woke...
Just popped in to ask how the move went, but see it didn`t. Oopsie....but no point in folks ranting at you, it`s hardly your fault. Just put on your best "whatever" face and make use of the kettle, mugs etc., xx
Probably different rules as we are in Scotland, but dad has homecarers in the morning, lunchtime and teatime to support him in his sheltered housing complex. He still gets his high rate AA paid in full.xx
Brilliant. I had seen the photo on Sarah`s facebook page, but didn`t realise it was poster sized.xx
Happy birthday greetings from me too.xx
<t>That homecarer is beyond belief......however, I had similar issues with one of dad`s a couple of years ago while he was still drinking. I asked her not to take drink into him and she started visiting with her boyfriend on a friday night with fish suppers and a bottle of vodka. I was called all so...
The pharmacy should have no problem re arranging the blister packs.xx
<t>I am sorry I don`t have any answers for you, but this seems totally wrong.<br/> <br/> Perhaps a call to the carers helpline might help shed some light on this.<br/> <br/> I remember some years ago when dad was going into respite for six or eight weeks whilst my husband had cancer operations the s...
So sorry for your loss, never a good time, but the festive season is truly the worst time to lose a loved one.

Try to focus on your dad no longer suffering, and remember he is with you in your heart and in your head every day.

Take care.xx