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I was nagging a friend today about AA for her mum who has needed it for about four years but they were traumatised by the thought of the form and nosey folk poking into their affairs. Form will be downloaded and filled in next week.
email them with as much detail as possible and it will be looked at as soon as the advisors return on 5th January.

You could wait and try to phone on the 5th but I expect the lines will be mega busy that day.

Hope you get sorted soon.xx
Sorry to hear that Ladybird.
Thank you Susie. We are a small community and whilst travelling a distance for planned surgery not available in the county i.e. Urology in Edinburgh, hip replacement in Inverness the thought of somebody being trundled for three hours in an ambulance with an appendix about to perfortate for the want ...
Tissue Viability Nurse should be able to help. Allevyn dressings will help with bedsores to get them healing, not as a preventative barrier. Can be prescribed by doctor in packs of five or ten in different sizes. Like a giant plaster they can stay on for up to three days. Also available as non adhes...
Lovely to catch up with your news. Hope you are able to get good advice regarding bone density. My friend Ruth`s cousin was two years on medication, but is now on a low maintainance dose as her bones have vastly improved over the last year. It all takes time and patience.xx
Hope Rob continues to make good progress and family life is back to normal.xx
Delighted to hear all went well, in fact it sounds as if it went better than expected. Glad the staff were supportive and actually listened, it must make their job so much easier.

Fingers crossed Rob makes a speedy recovery and you and your lovely hubby can relax a little bit now.xx
Hope all goes well today.xx
That was quick off the mark for DWP. We got ours today and hope dad will get his £300 on his nest DWP payday which is 21st.xx